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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Enrico's Weekly Digital Digest

Independent Video Game Developer Manifesto
A group called Manifesto Games is ranting and trying to start up an indy game label.

UNM's Institutional Repository
Our library system has launched a digital archive for UNM's research and creative works. The system was originally developed by MIT and several university library systems have bought into the idea. According to the draft guidelines this system will care for digital files stored on the system indefinitely. They are smart in offering two types of preservation bit and functional. Functional preservation keeps in mind that formats change over time - appropriate changes may be made to files to allow for format migration.

A small sample of the supported file formats. GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PS, EPS, PDF, AIFF. The known formats don't have guaranteed support. PPT, MPEG, MOV

They have the ability to limit access to files - but I think that the intention of the program is to allow public access to files.

Dspace is organized according to communities - and it may be possible to create our own ARTS Lab community. The access person is Christy Crowley. You can also create your own account for accessing files automatically.

Small Conferences
There seem to be a lot of little conferences out there. In general they are one day, informal affairs. Here is a quick list of a few.
Game Developer's Conference Europe - ok - not so tiny.
Open Tech
Our Social World Conference - all about ideas and new tech
Austin Game Conf

Alien Hominid
A small free Flash based video game becomes and independent hit - and is transformed into a real live platform game available on Playstation 2 and XBOX.

A New Mexico Video Game.

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