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Friday, October 26, 2007

Maratini: Ecotone Marathon Performance today | tonight

WHAT: Maratini: A Twelve Hour Improvisation Marathon
with Ecotone Physical Theatre
WHEN: Friday, October 26, 2007, noon to midnight

WHERE: 516 Central Avenue SW, between 5th & 6th Streets, Downtown Albuquerque

IMAGES: Please contact Suzanne Sbarge, 505-242-1445

PUBLIC INFO: 516 ARTS: tel. 505-242-1445,


516 ARTS is pleased to host a twleve hour Improvisation Marathon with
Ecotone Physical Theatre. The pubilc is invited to view the
performance for any amount of time through the front windows of 516
ARTS on Central Avenue in Downtown Albuquerque. The group will perform
continuous improvised materials for twelve hours straight. Ecotone
merges dance, music, technology, video and drama into a style of
theatre all its own.

For more information about NM Media-related Events, visit:

Eric Renz-Whitmore, Program Coordinator

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