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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scripting a Character Rig July 9th @ ARTS Lab

Modified version of :en::Image:Activemarker2.jpg - no logo. Old version was PD, this also PD by me.Image via WikipediaMEL Scripting a Character Rig in Maya by Chris Maraffi

When: Wednesday, July 9th from 5 - 8pm
Where: ARTS Lab Garage
(131 Pine Street NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106)
just north of Central and one block west of University

This workshop will demonstrate an overview of how to approach MEL scripting a biped character rig in Autodesk Maya to automate and streamline the character rigging process. It will show you the advantages and issues in creating a rig through code, and will give you a sneak peak of the content of Chris' new book on the same subject, due out early fall.

The advantages of learning and utilizing MEL (Maya Embedded Language) or any other integrated package scripting is comparable to that of riding a bike vs. a motorcycle. Sure you can get there by peddling hard enough, but why not let the motor do the hard work while you just steer to your destination. The concepts in this lecture will introduce just how helpful MEL can be to increase your abilities and productivity in Maya.

Chris is the author of Maya Character Creation, a book that simplifies the complex nature of character creation and rigging using Maya, as well as Softimage XSI FX & Design, which covers character creation and animation using XSI . Most recently he was the Course Director of the scripting and character rigging classes at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida. He has also taught certified 3D training classes at Mesmer Animation Labs, The Academy of Art, The Masters Institute, School of Visual Arts, Pratt School of Design, NYU, & NYIT.

Before becoming an educator and certified trainer, Chris worked as a professional artist, animator, and consultant for broadcast, film, and internet companies in New York City.

Join us for this unique event and learn just how powerful MEL can be!
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