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Friday, August 22, 2008

BUBONICON 40 this weekend!

Perhaps because it's been around so long -- this is really its 40th year! -- Bubonicon has been something newcomers like me (15+ years) don't really get. What is Bubonicon?

From Wikipedia:
Bubonicon is an annual multigenre convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico, typically held during the last weekend of August. It is the largest general-interest science fiction convention in New Mexico and among the oldest in the Southwest.
It's so popular, their site might actually be down at the moment... but it features an amazing mix of Sci-Fi, fantasy and speculative fiction writers, many of whom live right here in New Mexico. This year also features local folks like Steven Gould (Jumper) talking about the journey from book to screen, Laura Mixon talking about Storytron, and Hugo-nominated toastmaster Daniel Abraham. (And a lot more fun and craziness too.)

The event is relatively inexpensive too, so check it out (visit the website for more details).

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