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Monday, June 15, 2009

Upcoming... & Recent

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We just finished up a great week with visits from two real leaders in different parts of our media world. Laurie Anderson stopped by just before her show at the Kimo as part of the LAND | ARTS Series of events, and on Saturday, games and interactive media thinker/writer/developer Chris Crawford talked on Interactivity and his Storytron project.

Good times.

A couple near future events to keep an eye out for here at ARTS Lab are:

BSG Revisited (6/25)
First, on Thursday, June 25th, we'll be having "What the Frak!? BSG Revisited" -- a viewing and discussion of some key moments from Battlestar Galactica's run. More info to come.

NM Game Jam (7/10-12)
In July, the weekend of the 10th will see the first "NM Game Jam" -- a 48 hour game development jam from us at ARTS Lab and the good folks of our Rio Grande IGDA chapter. Several of us had a great time during the Global Game Jam and we intend to keep that game development energy up here in NM.

Location and a few other details to come... but if you're interested, please sign up at:

Domefest 2009
What else in July? Well, there may be a special dome show, but Domefest is moving... to September. Watch this space and the ARTS Lab site for more details.

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