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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

NMTC Tech Thursday: 10 Lessons Learned at Apple

Tomorrow at NM Technology Council's Tech Thursday (7/9)

Ten Lessons Learned at Apple

Apple Corporation has... changed the world in many ways with products like its iPhone transforming industry and creating new markets. One common theme in Apple's success is its immediately recognizable design.

Consulting User Interface Architect (& NMTC board member) Bill Fernandez describes ten core principles that drove the development of Apple products during the (approx) twelve years he worked there. These core principles are still very relevant to Apple and, indeed, to any company that wants to produce great products.

Bill Fernandez is a consulting User Interface Architect who has been involved in the development of world class products for over three decades. Bill was the first employee of Apple Computer, and his passion is developing computer-based products that empower people to achieve their dreams. Bill is listed in Wikipedia, and his website is at

To Register, visit:

WHAT: Ten Lessons Learned at Apple

WHEN: Thursday, July 9th 3:30 - 5:00 PM

WHERE: O'Neills Pub Meeting Room, 4320 Central Ave SE

COST: NMTC Members: $15 each Non-Members: $25 each (remember, individual memberships are FREE!)

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