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Friday, February 20, 2009

Greenscreen Techniques w/ Alex Lindsay (3/10)

We at ARTS lab are particularly excited that Animotion NM will be bringing nack special guest, Alex Lindsay for their March presentation. Seating is limited.

Here are the details:

Special Guest: Alex Linsday - Pixel Corps in San Francisco
Greenscreen Techniques

Date and Time:
March 10, 2009 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm MDT

131 Pine NE
Near University and Central

Join us for a special evening with Alex Lindsay from Pixel Corps in San Francisco. Learn techniques for using the greenscreen.

Greenscreen is a valuable film, broadcast, and web video tool but it's still often a mystery to DPs and graphic artists. Learn the math, the tools and the techniques of shooting and keying greenscreen.

Special thanks to the ARTSLab for their generous use of their greenscreen for this presentation!

About the Speaker:
Alex has been involved in computer graphics for nearly 20 years. He has extensive experience in digital production including print, real-time graphics, multimedia titles, forensic animation, television, and film.

Alex spent several years on the production of Star Wars: Episode 1 (at JAK Films and then at Industrial Light and Magic). He has taught at the Academy of Art and at the San Francisco State Multimedia Studies Programs. He writes for 3D Magazine, 3D World, and Post and is a regular guest on TechTV.

Alex is the founder and Chief Architect for Pixel Corps in San Francisco.


Seating is limited, so be sure reserve your ticket:

We look forward to seeing you!


animotion nm

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ecotone Physical Theatre performs "Falling Apart - An Evening in Three Acts"

We at the ARTS Lab are very pleased to welcome back Ecotone Physical Theatre Company!

WHAT: Ecotone Physical Theatre performs "Falling Apart - An Evening in Three Acts"

WHEN: Friday and Saturday, March 13-14, 8pm

WHERE: ARTS Lab Garage, 131 Pine NE, one block west of University and one block north of Central

HOW MUCH: $10 at the door only. Seating is limited.

Ecotone Physical Theatre is pleased to announce two performances only, March 13-14 at the ARTS Lab Garage. The ARTS Lab Garage is located near the main campus of the University of New Mexico, and co-located with UNM's High Performance Computing Center. It is a research center for investigations into the connections between the arts, technology and science.

Veering from the abstract to the comic, "Falling Apart - An Evening in Three Acts" is a fully improvised work. It is the framework in which the performers invent character, gesture, movement, dialogue in response to the environment and to each other. The performances will
feature collaborations with students in 3D Design, Video and Computer Animation, who will work to create environments for performers. The performances will also feature collaborations with UNM dance students.

Ecotone Physical Theatre is an Albuquerque-based performance ensemble of dancers, actors and musicians who mine the rich veins of improvisation: sonic, kinesthetic, textual, visual. Each performance is unique, a blend of slapstick dramedy, angular sound and gesture, rife with potential for hap and mishap. Ecotone Physical Theatre makes extensive use of computers, video and digital technology, random props and costumery, and a variety of dance techniques. The company was formed in the spring of 2006 when Jewell and Company Dance Theatre joined forces with the experimental music group Incus to collaborate on a series of improvised performances called Ecotone. The collaboration was so fruitful and well received, they decided to merge, taking the name of the performance as the name of the company. Its members are directors Donna Jewell and Kevin Paul with Lisa Nevada, Jessica Searer, Bill Clark, Mary Margaret Moore, Susan Skeele, Rufus Cohen, along with costume designer Stacia Smith.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Peter Sarkisian @ ARTS Lab next Friday

We're very proud to host the UNM Art and Art History Department's Electronic Arts in presenting Gale Memorial Lecturer


The ARTS Lab's Digital Media Garage is located at
131 Pine Street NE (& Copper)
jst north of Central and one block west of University

Peter Sarkisian is a remarkable and internationally recognized video artist working with video as a sculptural element that challenges the moving image as a narrative model. Using two-dimensional projections intertwined with three-dimensional surfaces, Sarkisian is attempting to free his imagery from the confines of the frame, thereby creating a sense of immediacy, which overcomes referential barriers and enables the viewer to participate perceptually in a constructed event.

Sarkisian studied film and photography at the California Institute of the Arts and then directing at the American Film Institute. He has exhibited his video work extensively including the 2002 Whitney Biennial, The Iris Collection in Mexico City, Art Forum, Berlin, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, I-20 Gallery in New York, and is represented by James Kelly Contemporary in Santa Fe.

Funded by the Gale Memorial Lecture Series and the Art & Art History Department.
People with special needs please call the Art and Art History Department 277-5861

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chris & Trish Meyer @ Next AniMotion NM -- @ ARTS Lab!

Cover of "After Effects Apprentice (DV Expert ...Cover via Amazon

The people with AniMotion NM are really making great strides in building New Mexico's Animation/Motion Graphics/VFX community -- and we're very glad to host their events here at ARTS Lab. We're especially glad of their efforts to recruit rockstars like Chris and Trish Meyer to move to New Mexico!

AniMotionNM is hosting an evening with After Effects experts/authors Trish and Chris Meyer, Tuesday, February 10 from 7:00-8:30 PM at UNM ARTS Lab.

What's new in After Effects CS4

Join the foremost After Effects experts Trish and Chris Meyer as they show some of the new features in After Effects CS4 that are of particular interest to motion graphics artists. Learn about new effects. Explore the ins and outs of the new integration with Photoshop Extended, Flash Professional and Device Central. Take a look at some of the changes in the user interface – which are sure to make life easier. And, find out answers to some of the gotchas such as the new pixel aspect ratios introduced in CS4.

Book Signing
Chris and Trish will be on hand after this event to sign copies of the latest edition of their book, After Effects Apprentice {2nd Edition}.

This event will be broadcast live via Adobe Connect for our communities throughout the state. For information on how to access the broadcast, read the full article on our website.

The event takes place at the ARTSLab Map
The cost is FREE for all AniMotionNM Members. It's free to become a member.

To attend:
- join AniMotionNM --- click the 'JOIN' button on the right.
- reserve a ticket --- click the 'REGISTER' button

It's a great opportunity, so spread the word to colleagues and students who may be interested.

For those who live outside of ABQ, we will be broadcasting this presentation via Adobe Connect. At the time of the event:
- select 'enter as guest'
- sign in using your first and last name

You must be a member to enter, so be sure and join AniMotionNM first (IT'S FREE).

Thanks! We hope to see you in person or online next Tuesday!

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