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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This Friday @ UNM

Four different events of interest this Friday @ UNM:

1. GFX Cafe continues its SIGGRAPH series (Major presentations from
SIGGRAPH with talk and discussion in the room), this time from Valve
-- which produced some of the hottest games of 2007.
(more info below)

2. When DomeFest 2008 hits the road, it will be the best opportunity
yet for animators and visual artists creating 'fulldome content' to
have their work seen by more people than ever before. Not sure what
fulldome content is? Come visit the ARTS Lab Garage (131 Pine Street
NE @ the Wooden Steps) from 2-4PM when we'll discuss creating artistic
content for planetariums, and help find ways to get more New Mexicans
into the show. More info at:

3. Interested in Time Travel?
HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE, a free public talk by internationally
recognized scientist, author and speaker Dr. Paul Davies, will be held
Friday, Feb. 29 at 7 p.m. in Regener Hall 103 on UNM's main campus.
Davies will examine time travel from the physicist's perspective. The
talk is sponsored by the UNM Dept. of Physics and Astronomy and the
College of Arts and Sciences. For more information call 277-2616.

Contact: Anne Stirling or 505-277-0077 Ext. 1
UNM Continuing Education 1634 University Blvd. NE Albuquerque Tickets
$19 at the door
Premieres and showings of 8 short works by local filmmakers. Film
listings and details below.

GFX Café Seminar Friday Feb 29, 2008
12noon, ECE118

Food will be served

Advanced real-time rendering at Valve
by Chris Green and Jason Mitchell, Valve

We celebrate the leap year by bringing you three talks by Valve, first
presented at SIGGRAPH 2007. First, Chris Green will talk about using
surface detail maps to create soft self-shadowing effects, which are
important to give games the photorealism more often seen in feature
film. Next, he will talk about a problem we have also been working on
here at UNM, that of magnifying vector textures for first-person shooters
using fast shading algorithms. Finally, Jason Mitchell discusses
cartoon shading for real-time illustrative effects in the new game
release Team Fortress 2.

Contact: Anne Stirling or 505-277-0077 Ext. 1
UNM Continuing Education 1634 University Blvd. NE Albuquerque Tickets
$19 at the door

Presented by Friends of Film Video and Arts, an international group of
independent filmmakers. Theater
seating, refreshments, and a chance to meet some of the most creative
and talented filmmakers in New
Mexico. Seven Filmmakers discuss their work and answer your questions
in this timely and provocative
kaleidoscope of films! Introduced by Anne Stirling, independent
filmmaker and director of FoFVA.

The Art of Storytelling, Director's Cut New Mexico (Documentary, US.,
2007, 26:44 m, video)
What makes a story a good story? Successful documentary filmmakers
Beverly Singer, Arcie Chapa, KNME's
Executive Producer Michael Kamins, Chris Schueler, and Dale Kruzic
discuss their passion for storytelling.
Produced by Rebecca Dakota and FoFVA. Dakota's work includes "Pie
Crust 101", a Pies for Peace Project.

Klebanoff (Biography, US., 2007 6:21m, video)
In this stylish and beautiful bio on international artist Susan
Klebanoff, talented UNM graduate Anton
Kozikowski shows off his award-winning expertise in cinematography.

Black Eagle, Flying Free (Music Video, US., 4:00m, video)
Music video of the Grammy Award winning drum group Black Eagle from
Jemez Pueblo, beautifully shot and
edited by award-winning writer, director, editor, and teacher Brad Stoddard.

Cycling (Sports Documentary, US., 2008 8m, video)
Focusing on a young man who used cycling to lose 300 pounds, this
video is an exciting look at the growing
sport of international cycling in New Mexico. Kenneth Segura Knoll is
a native New Mexican who has over 30
years experience in film, television, and the internet streaming business.

The Truth By Walden Matussey (Humor, US., 2006 7:39m video)
In this humorous short, a man battles for his voice to be heard and to
expose the government for the obvious
liars that they are. Tim Boughn's second feature length script, The
Truth By Walden Matussey, has been
optioned by Adams House Productions.

Climate Change, What It Means for New Mexico (Documentary, US., 2007
24:44m video)
Also by producer, director, and composer Anton Kozikowski, this
cutting edge environmental documentary was
commissioned by the state of New Mexico, featuring NASA satellite
tracking and the country's top scientists.

Teardrop (Love Story US., 2007 7m, video)
In this charming love story, a young girl, delightfully played by
Elise Eberle, thinks she's found the answer for
two lonely people. Produced for the 48 Hour Film Festival, the film
also stars Betsy Burke and Wayne
Wilkinson. This is Fritz Eberle's first narrative work, which he also
filmed and co-directed. Betsy Burke cowrote
(with Ric Eberle) and co-directed Teardrop.

SPECIAL PREMIER of "Time Assassins" (Humorous Satire, U.S., 2008, 5m, HD)
In this very funny satire, Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth are
sent back in time to stop a maniacal
priest who plans to sign a Pro Gay Marriage Proclamation allowing
homosexuals to corrupt the wholesome
fabric of the USA. Can they stop this insidious plan? Director Reuben
Finkelstein is a graduate of the CNM
film program. His short, "Time Cougars", just won the National 48 Hour
Film Competition. Executive producer
and DP David Garcia trained at the Academy of Art College in San
Francisco and at Boston University School
for the Arts. He is co-owner of the local production company halflife* digital.

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