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Thursday, March 27, 2008

[Gfx-cafe] GFX Cafe Seminar Friday March 28, 2008

GFX Café Seminar Friday March 28, 2008
12noon, ARTS Lab Black Box Theatre ** Note change of venue **

Food will be served

Virtual Windows: A framework for spatially-aware, ad-hoc visualization
by Mark Waligora, Advanced Graphics Lab

Spatially-aware systems have been used successfully in the past for the
visualization of complex data sets because they allow the user to
establish spatial relationships in the presented data. However, such
systems have been limited to a single user or to specific display media
and therefore do not offer the flexibility to handle a wide range of
visualization applications. For this reason, they are not often used in
the visualization community.

In this talk, we present a novel system that allows multiple users to
interact with data in an ad-hoc fashion and is capable of handling
different kinds of display surfaces and modes of interaction. Our ad-hoc
Virtual Window Framework provides multiple users with displays that can be
manipulated and combined in physical space to view different portions of
complex data sets in a corresponding virtual space. The displays function
as "windows" which the user can look through to see into a virtual world,
much like looking through a window of a house to see outside. We designed
the system with flexibility in mind; we demonstrate this by using
different kinds of display devices simultaneously for a wide variety of
applications. Our system also works with augmented reality devices,
one of which we have built at UNM, allowing us to use our windows to
visualize data superimposed on real-world objects. We demonstrate the
efficacy of our system by using it to visualize several complex, real-
world data sets in a hands-on demonstration.

This is joint work with Pradeep Sen and Joe Kniss.

Mark Waligora got his BS from New Mexico Tech. He is currently an MS
student in Computer Science at UNM, working with Prof. Pradeep Sen.

Pradeep Sen
Assistant Professor
Advanced Graphics Lab
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of New Mexico

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