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Thursday, March 13, 2008

GFX Cafe Seminar Friday March 14: Dome Interactivity

GFX Café Seminar Friday March 14, 2008
12noon, ARTS Lab Dome Theatre  ** Note change of venue **

Food will be served

Real-Time Rendering and Interactivity in 'Fulldome' Immersive Digital
Dome Theater: An Introduction, Demonstration and Discussion of
UNM Research Projects and Goals
by David Beining, UNM ARTS Lab


Large-format, immersive digital dome theater--fulldome--is a young
powerful medium with a high rate of diffusion in planetariums and
other venues.  It's also a medium in which UNM is an internationally
recognized center for research, production and education.

Based in tiled projectors and PC clusters, fulldome theaters allow
for very high-resolution, immersive digital video presentation --
pre-rendered for linear cinematic experiences as well as real-time
interactive presentations based on 3D models, data tables, and adapted
game engines and shaders used in proprietary, open-architecture fulldome

The medium's origins in planetariums has largely limited tools, data
and stories to astronomy, but fulldome has enormous potential for
visualizing other sciences for research and education, serving the arts
as new creative and performance space, and entertainment as immersive
gaming and experiential venue.

The author will demonstrate the medium's tools and current uses as well
as UNM-based early research.   New UNM research agendas and possibilities
for future work will also be discussed.

David Beining serves as director of immersive medium at the University
of New Mexico's ARTS Lab and is the founder and executive producer of
"DomeFest," a global festival for the fulldome medium.  Beining founded
and directed UNM's LodeStar Astronomy Center, one of the world's first
fulldome theaters, from 2000-2007.

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