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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blue Flower/Flor Azul this Friday @ George Pearl Hall

UNM is pleased to welcome international artist Frederico Muelas to discuss his work and begin identifying collaborators for his Blue Flower/ Flor Azul public art piece at UNM's George Pearl hall:

What: Frederic Muelas / Flor Azul
When: MARCH 27, 2009, 12:00 PM
Where: GEORGE PEARL HALL AUDITORIUM (School of Architecture and Planning, Central and Cornell)

“Blue Flower/ Flor Azul” is a Public Art piece designed for the George Pearl Hall building, School of Architecture and Planning at UNM. The project is commissioned by the Art in Public Places Program (AIPP) of New Mexico Arts and the UNM. It is scheduled to be installed on November 2009.

On the piece, the image of a small drop of blue ink expanding into water is optically enlarged and projected against a 900 Sq Feet custom-made LCD screen to be placed on the projection wall that is located on the west entry of the building.

The display is made of 3,740 large monochromatic pixels that render the image of the ink during the daylight and work as a projecting screen when turned off at night. This large-scale outdoor display uses a LCD technology several times more energy efficient than LED displays.

The “ink projector”, installed on the amphitheater facing the screen, accommodates the automatic system to maintain the endless water/ ink cycle and the optical and light technology to generate the bright and infinite resolution image of the ink on the screen.

This colloquium seeks to introduce the project to the University community in order to bring collaborators into the project. Due to the number of different technologies that the piece incorporates, this project offers the perfect platform for a rich collaborative experience where students from diverse disciplines will merge in a cooperative environment of open knowledge.

On this lecture the software and hardware technology that has been so far developed for the project will be introduced through an audiovisual presentation and functional prototypes. A series of “open collaboration calls” will happen along the lecture as we go over different aspects of the project. Computer Science, Electrical and Computing Engineering, Advanced Electronics, Optical Science, Digital Media Technology, Music and Fine Arts are just few of the fields related to this project. But most important of all is the craving from the student of being part of a team that will bring to life a never seen before kind of audiovisual technology.

Please, find further information of the project at


Federico Muelas, New Media / Public Art. BFA, UCLM, Spain: MFA, School of Visual Arts.

Professor of Physical Computing at the Master in Computer Arts and Bachelor in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts, NY.

Exhibitions include: Stuttgart Filmwinter Festival, Germany;Katzen Museum, Washington;Ars Electronica 2005, Austria; -XV Ibero-American Art Salon, Katzen Arts Center, Mass.; Gallery Affero, NJ; Japan Media Festival, Tokyo; ARCO 2005, Madrid; Cervantes institute, New York; Location One, NY; MONA Museum, Detroit; Museum of Art, Colombia; Electrohype Biennial, Sweden; PikseliACHE Festival, Helsinki; New Jersey Film Festival; V and VI Cuban Digital salon, La Havana; SIMO 2000,Spain; ARCO 99, Spain.

Awards include: New York Foundation for the Arts 2003, Finishing Fund 2005 grant, Life 7.0 award, SGAE Award, La Caixa Grant, Spanish Cultural Council grant, UNESCO Award.

Publication include; WANDS, BRUCE. Art in the Digital Age; NYARTS magazine; Neo2 Magazine; TENTACIONES magazine; El PAIS newspaper; RHIZOME DIGEST; METRO newspaper; EL CIBERPAIS magazine; untitled art magazine. Leonardo Magazine, Art & Artificial Life International Competition; WILSON, Robert, Border Patrol: Artists Working at the Frontiers of Science and Technology.
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