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Thursday, November 15, 2007

[Gfx-cafe] GFX Cafe Seminar Friday Nov 16, 2007

GFX Café Seminar Friday November 16, 2007
12noon, ECE118

Food will be served

Design of a high-resolution plenoptic camera
by Viktor Chekh, Graduate researcher, Advanced Graphics Lab

Known models of compact light field photo cameras have
great additional possibilities comparing to traditional
ones, such as infinite focus depth, refocusing, etc. From
the other hand, their main disadvantage - much lower
spatial resolution - makes them not so attractive for
professional and amateur photographers.

We propose the simple idea to combine the advantages of
both plenoptic and conventional cameras: separate the
light with the prism and use two sensors for the same
shot: one is usual, another one with an array of
microlenses ahead, i.e. plenoptic. We propose to extract
the depth map from the plenoptic image and use it for the
restoration of the high resolution one.

We will illustrate the idea with the results of computer
modeling and also with possible hardware design sketches.

Viktor Chekh is a graduate student in the Advanced Graphics Lab with
interests in new plenoptic camera technologies and segmentation and
registration algorithms. He has a Masters Degree from the National
Technical University of Ukraine.

Pradeep Sen
Assistant Professor
Advanced Graphics Lab
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of New Mexico
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