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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Next Friday @ ARTS Lab: Fulldome - - State of the Medium

Next Friday (November 30th) at ARTS Lab, two of the world's leading experts in fulldome production will be taking attendees through the history, current state and possible future of the fulldome medium.  I'm talking, you might guess, about ARTS Lab's David Beining and Hue Walker -- and there's more on that below.

I'm not sure if 'fulldome' is the next big thing.  Though the proliferation of screens today is pretty serious, I imagine a young entrepreneur at Lascaux thinking he had something with his drawings and flickering lights 17,000 years ago or so. We believe he was right, but these things take time...

However, watching Beowulf in 3D this weekend, seeing the trailers for upcoming 3D shows (and the relative box office take for 3D screens), and watching trends for virtual worlds and other work in immersive space, it feels like developing an understanding for these media, their production essentials and how audiences experience them is at least a good idea.

Hope some of you can join us -- and very best wishes to everyone for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Fulldome: The State of the Medium

Friday, November 30, 2007
Location: ARTS Lab Garage, 123 Pine St NE (Just off Central Ave Near the University Blvd intersection)
Time: 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm @ ARTS Lab (gDome)

Fulldome — large-format, immersive, crazy-resolution, digital dome theater — is a young, powerful and rapidy diffusing medium. And New Mexico above all other places is a major focal point for fulldome production, education and research. In this show-and-tell, ARTS Lab Immersive Media Director David Beining describes and demonstrates the state of fulldome technology, market, productions and programming. To demonstrate state of fulldome production, clips from DomeFest and other programs will be screened in the gDome. Please note this workshop is not a 'how-to' on dome production, rather an overview on the fulldome industry, technology and what's being produced for distribution. Look for how-to workshops in the spring semester.

ARTS Lab Immersive Media Director David Beining explains what that means and explores content creation and qualities for this new media environment.

For more information and registration (space is limited, so you must sign up), visit:

For more information about NM Media-related Events, visit:

Eric Renz-Whitmore, Program Coordinator
MSC04 2570
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

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