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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

IGDA Meeting & Rio Grande Game Design Challenge

Hey everyone...

NVGA Championships and SuperCon

This an exciting week, with the first City of Albuquerque supported Video Game Tournament beginning this Thursday at the Albuquerque Convention Center.  On-line pre-registration for the National Video Game Association (NVGA) Championship and our Rio Grande Game Design Challenge is still open (for now). Game Design Challenge participants pay $15 for the challenge and three days of casual (non-tournament) play. 

We'd like to make our local IGDA chapter part of the scene with our next chapter meeting this Saturday at 5PM at the Convention Center (we'd also like a few of you experienced pros to act as judges for the Design Challenge at that time).  For more information, please read on below.

For times, early registration, list of games, and more information you can visit: 

Rio Grande Game Design Challenge

Local game developers Luke Nihlen and Jonathan Whetzel have really pitched in to create a game design workshop experience to encourage NVGA participants to get involved in creating games of their own.  With crucial support from Abalone Studios and UNM's ARTS Lab, we hope to help make the event a success and build our local community in the process.

For more info on the Game Design Workshop and Challenge, visit the page HERE.

To pre-register for the workshop and (non-team) tournament events, visit

Rio Grande IGDA Chapter Meeting

The Rio Grande IGDA Meeting itself is free, but you must pre-register (to help our friends at IGDA deal with the crowds.) To sign up for the meeting, SIGN UP HERE (or send me an email) before Friday at 6PM.

If you'd like to help organize, connect and support game developers in the Albuquerque / Rio Grande region, or want to keep up to date on local activities, please join our Google Group:

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