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Thursday, October 02, 2008

[Gfx-cafe] GFX Cafe Seminar Friday Oct 3, 2008

GFX Café Seminar Friday October 3, 2008
12noon - 1:15pm, ECE 118

Food will be served

Restoration of Images Captured With Combined Conventional
and Plenoptic Camera
by Viktor Chekh, UNM Advanced Graphics Lab

Plenoptic cameras can capture the 4-D light field in a
single image, but the spatial resolution of any 2-D
projection is much smaller comparing to ordinary
conventional cameras. The "ideal" camera should have all
features of plenoptic camera including digital refocusing,
and moving the observer, as well as high spatial resolution
in a wide range of focal depth. In addition, the camera
should be as light and handle as any standard camera. We
describe a conception of the novel combined camera, which
has features of both conventional and plenoptic cameras.
We formulate the restoration problem as the ill-posed
problem with matrix perturbation. We also provide
algorithms of the data processing and estimate the
resolution of synthetic photographs.

Viktor Chekh is a graduate student in the Advanced
Graphics Lab with interests in new plenoptic camera
technologies and segmentation and registration algorithms.
He has a Masters Degree from the National Technical
University of Ukraine.

The ECE building is located on the campus of the University of
New Mexico (building 46 on the campus map). Directions can be found

Pradeep Sen
Assistant Professor
Advanced Graphics Lab
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of New Mexico

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