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Thursday, October 02, 2008

YDI Mi Voz Auditions for Fall 2008 Session

YDI Mi Voz Auditions for Fall 2008 Session

After-school program for Middle School kids teaches documentary filmmaking
On Wednesday, October 8th and Thursday, October 9th Youth Development Inc.'s (YDI) Mi Voz program, which teaches above-the-line filmmaking skills to middle school age kids, will hold auditions for its Fall 2008 session.  The auditions will be held in the YDI Mi Voz office at 100 Roma NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico from 3:30-5:30 each day.

This will be the 4th 16-week session for YDI Mi Voz.  Each session has a theme: previous themes were "Through Their Eyes," about the life of the middle schooler from their perspective, "interGenerations," where students documented stories of senior citizens, and "All-Stars," which was an advanced skills session that taught experimental filmmaking.  The Fall 2008 session's theme is "The Zia's Heart" and is about New Mexican art and artists.

"The Zia's Heart" is a series of short documentaries that will be produced, directed, shot, edited and delivered by a group of middle school age students in Albuquerque.  Each short documentary will spotlight a different art form produced by a local artist.  Students will shadow chosen artists in different fields and document their creativity, their craft, and how it ties in to identifying Albuquerque and New Mexico as unique in the arts scene.

New Mexico has the highest share of fine artists in the Nation - with it
s rich and diverse population, New Mexico is home to over 40,000 artists making over 11 different kinds of art, including cultural art.  In 2005, the number of minority (Hispanic, Native American, and Asian American) artists grew to 15%, according to the National Endowment of the Arts' Artists in the Workforce Study: 1990 – 2005. 

According to the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs report On Fertile Ground: New Mexico Counts on Culture, The Arts industry generates at least $2.5 billion per year, making 20% of total state tourism money per year.

New Mexico has a unique history of traditional arts and crafts, such as Native American jewelry & pottery, and "santeros" (who make wooden carvings of Catholic saints), "New arts" produced by New Mexico's youth, such as digital art, graffiti art, guerilla art, and music in newer genres, have gone largely unnoticed.  Albuquerque's deep artistic legacy has been overshadowed by arts movements in Santa Fe and Taos.

"The Zia's Heart" will be produced by a new selection of students under the YDI Mi Voz banner.  YDI Mi Voz is a safe and free after school program for middle school age young people where they learn all aspects of visual storytelling using digital video.  The purposes of the program are:

1.       It contributes to building a "native workforce" for New Mexico's blossoming film industry, givi
ng young people a head start in using industry standard tools and techniques. 

2.       The finished products will expose New Mexico's art and artists to a broader audience, letting its audience know the value of what has become such a large part of our city and state identities. 

3.       By providing Mi Voz classes under the YDI banner, students and their families have access to the wide range of social services YDI provides.

We are actively seeking out participants for this session.  During the 16-week after school course, students will be taught producing, directing, shooting, and editing using top of the line digital video equipment.  The course is free to participants, but interested students must audition first to gauge their interest and dedication.   14 students will be selected.  Classes are taught by Marcos Baca and Brian Beeler, working professionals in the area of digital art and filmmaking.  4 youth instructors who have participated previously will be at every class to mentor new students, as well as guest lectures by UNM Cinematic Arts Professors and other independent producers.

For more information contact YDI Media Relations Manager Marcos Baca at (505)212-7442 or

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