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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[Gfx-cafe] GFX Cafe Seminar Friday Oct 31, 2008

GFX Café Seminar Friday October 31, 2008
12noon - 1:15pm, Centennial Engineering Center Auditorium
**note change of venue**

Case Studies In Producing Computer Generated Elements For Animated Films
by Tad Gielow, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Creating and integrating computer generated elements into animation
films takes a lot of planning, communication, collaboration, and
sometimes luck. Join Tad Gielow, a 25 year Animation Industry veteran of
13 feature films and 4 short subjects, as he shares some of the processes
and techniques used in the making of the animated films: "The Great Mouse
Detective", "Oliver And Company", "Aladdin", "Mulan", "The Iron
Giant", "Osmosis Jones", and "Monster House".

Tad Gielow has been in the Animation industry for the past 25 years
providing technical expertise and leadership on such feature films as
"The Great Mouse Detective", "Oliver And Company", "Aladdin",
"Pocahontas", "Mulan", "The Iron Giant", "Osmosis Jones", "Monster
House", and "Beowulf". Whether integrating 3D elements with 2D drawings,
supervising animators and technical directors, or architecting software
solutions, his knowledge of the artistic and technical aspects of
producing animated films keeps growing. He is currently a Lead Engineer
in the Pipeline/Software Group at Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Along with his day job, Tad is also an avid nature photographer and has
just come from exploring the fall colors of Canyon De Chelly, Arizona.

For this special presentation, we are moving the GFX Café to the
auditorium (room 1041) of the new Centennial Engineering Center (CEC).
This is the brand new building located near building #117 in block H-2
of the standard campus map. Other diagrams of this part of campus
that include the new building can be found here:

and here:

Note that the CEC is not the same as the Centennial Engineering Library.

Pradeep Sen
Assistant Professor
Advanced Graphics Lab
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of New Mexico

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