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Thursday, April 10, 2008

[Gfx-cafe] GFX Cafe Seminar Friday March 11, 2008

GFX Café Seminar Friday April 11, 2008
12noon, ARTS Lab Black Box Theatre ** Note change of venue **

Food will be served

Computational Audiovisual Composition and the Allosphere
by Wesley Smith, UC Santa Barbara


The Allosphere -- a 3 story spherical projection surface located in a
near-anechoic chamber -- is a unique space for interactive and
immersive audiovisual environments. This talk will describe recent
research in audiovisual software for composing works and environments
in the Allosphere. The subject of the software, which we term
Computational Audiovisual Composition, maintains a philosophical
concern with both computational aesthetics and the nature of
audiovisual composition on the computer, addressing the Allosphere's
status as a hybrid scientific and artistic instrument.

Relevant Links:

Wesley Smith is a PhD candidate at UC Santa Barabra's Media Arts and
Technology program where he is a researcher in audiovisual composition
and interactive immersive environments on the Allosphere project. In
addition, Wesley is one of the lead programmer's on Cycling '74's
Jitter software where he works on real-time video and 3D graphics

This talk is co-organized by the Electronic Arts Advanced Topics course
within the Department of Art & Art History.

Pradeep Sen
Assistant Professor
Advanced Graphics Lab
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of New Mexico

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