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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Video Game Event, Anime, and Game Industry not to miss May 22-25

Hi everyone...

Jason at NVGA (headquartered here in New Mexico) has taken on an enormous task, trying to bring New Mexico to new prominence in the Video Game playing and making world --our own Rio Grande chapter of the International Game Developers Association will be on hand too.  If you're interested in checking out the reality of video games today --  and how the NVGA is building mentorship and responsible game playing into the mix, please check it out.

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From: Jason Montoya <>

            The NVGA Super Con is just one month away! This is a must attend event! This is a must see. This is one of those events that if you are not here then you are no where. As if you're a fan of video games, anime, or looking to break into the industry then check off Memorial weekend May 22-25 at the Albuquerque Convention Center. Did we mention over $10,000 to in cash and prizes to be given away at the event?

            Gamers, Anime fans, and people interested game design should best pay attention to this e-mail as the NVGA Super Con will have it all!

People from around the nation will be attending the NVGA Super Con, they will be here to meet new friends, socialize, get some games for casual fun or participate in a tournament.

Want to participate in a Game Design Workshop and Challenge? Be at the Super Con and try out that challenge and grow in your ability to be involved in the video game industry!

            Think you have played the best in HALO? Guitar Hero? Rock Band? Call of Duty? Tekken? Street Fighter? Those are just to name a few of the games to be at the event. Play for fun and just get some games in casually or test you might in one of the many tournaments.

            This is not just some tournament. This is an event.

This is not just some general movie watching, this is heart thumping Anime with the hottest movies and cosplay.

This is not wishing you could figure out a way to build your skills to one day work in the game industry. This is your solution to take another step in that journey.

            All this is the NVGA Super Con in less then one month away! Make your plans get your friends together because we will see you all at the event!


            For times, early registration, list of games, and more information you can visit:

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